Searching for Donkey’s

There is a story in the Bible where a young man named Saul is asked by his father to go and search for his donkey’s that wondered off and are now gone.  Saul takes one of the hired hands and some supplies and heads out to find the donkey’s.  They search all over the area and keep going for three days searching every place they can think of, but they cannot find the donkey’s.

After three days they think it might be wise to head home as his father is probably getting worried about them.  No cell phones in those days.  The hired hand says, wait I heard about this man of God that can prophesy or tell the future and he may be able to tell us where to go next to find these donkey’s.

So they find this man that is a prophet from God.  His name is Samuel.  When they meet Samuel he seems to be expecting them and invites them to go with him to a special meal he is having with some important people in town.  He gives Saul a choice seat and a choice meal.  Saul eats the meal and has a great time and they talk after the meal and get to know each other.  Samuel also tells Saul that the donkey’s have been found and they can return home the next day.

The next morning Saul is getting ready to leave and Samuel joins him and walks with him to the edge of town.  Saul is probably wondering why Samuel was so interested in him and why he is walking with him to the edge of town.

When they get to the edge of town, Samuel stops, takes a vial of olive oil and pours it on Saul’s head, anointing him, and then kissed him.  Whoa, what just happened?

Samuel then tells Saul that God has made him the ruler over his people, the people of Israel.  He just anointed Saul King of Israel.  He then goes on to tell him what is going to happen next as they travel home, who they will meet, and what he should do each step along the way.  As Saul turns to leave God does a work in his heart and fills him with the power of God and everything Samuel said would happen did happened.  Saul did just what Samuel told him to do and he became the King of Israel.

So maybe you have been out searching for lost donkey’s and you do not know where to go next to look for them.  In other words searching for your purpose in life. Here are some things to think about from this story:

  1. Don’t be discouraged because God often works that way.  He sends us off looking for donkey’s and we end up finding God in unexpected ways.
  2. When the timing is right God reveals to us what we need to know for the next leg of our journey.
  3. Sometimes you need to walk through an unexpected door to end up finding the right door.
  4. Sometimes we need to go to a godly person for advice on what to do next.  God most often speaks through people like He did with Samuel.
  5. Sometimes God has an unexpected blessing, message or purpose He wants to give us, but only after searching for missing donkey’s.
  6. Listen carefully and be sure to pray and ask God for wisdom and discernment to know what is from Him and what is not.
  7. Then have the courage to take those next steps that have been laid out for you.



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