Day Two

Today the real work started. We headed out at 7:30 a.m. and drove to the job site. When we got there we met John Sizemore the home owner. He was a big man and very friendly. We soon got to know him, some better than others. John Troyer ended up driving him around to get some supplies we needed. Our John heard a lot about the area and Big John’s life. The work to be done included finishing his roof which was about half done. So Todd got some of the crew going and soon they were roofing. Terri Hupp, Todd, Randy Emler and, Roger Bond were on the roof all day. Nick, Chelsea, Carla and I ended up helping out here and there on the roof. We spent most of our time tearing out drywall and old insulation. There was a good bit of mold in that room as well. We got it all tore out and cleaned up. We nearly completed the roof, it was huge! We will need to send two or three back over in the morning to finish it off. We will also look for a new job site in the morning. We are all very tired and a little sore. We also got some sun in the afternoon. It ended up being 82 degrees and beautiful. All in all it was a very good day. John Sizemore was very grateful, he has lived here for 31 years. He works at the shipping yard and specializes in robotics. He seemed to be very intelligent. He is also a Christian and chatted with John Troyer about the Bible and God. Well, I am off to an orientation and a short meeting with our team to brief for tomorrow. I will try to load some pictures for you to enjoy.

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  1. we love you daddy (roger bond)
    from kacy, stacy, and taryn….who by the way says lookin good mr. bond!!

    Keep up the good work everybody see ya soon!!

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