Character Matters

“What you do is not as important as how you do it.” That is a quote from Tony Dungy. Character is developed in the little everyday things we do. Those small decisions to do things the right way even if no one finds out. It is in those decisions to work hard, to stay focused, to forgive, to do your homework, to finish the book, to spend time with your family that our character is slowly being formed. When challenging times come, and they will, our character is tested and revealed.

Knowing what is right and choosing to do it is what character development is all about. Our character reflects our inner heart. If we are a mess on the inside, that comes out in the storms of life. Many times it’s the hard things that are the right things. Doing the hard thing of forgiving someone that hurt you or having that difficult conversation, or confronting bad behavior, or maybe admitting you hurt someone else or admitting you have an addiction or a habitual sin issue. Those are hard things that when done make us stronger. That brings peace into our lives. When we do the easy thing or the convenient thing is usually brings turmoil into our lives.

Many times we must choose between what is convenient and what is right. There are consequences for each choice we make. If you think about those consequences, you can make better decisions. Character really does matter! What are you doing when no one is looking? What hard thing do you need to do?