An Untypical Look

On Wednesday night we kicked off a new series called Untypical for the month of July. At NewPointe Community Church we have a service on the first Wednesday of every month. It is a great time of worship, prayer, reflection, learning and sharing the Lord’s Supper. Last night we took an untypical look back, ahead, inward and upward.

The night started with incredible music and Danny Bunnelle talked about looking back. He used the song “What a Good God You’ve Been to Me” and talked about how faithful God is. Even in the darkest of times God is faithful and helps us through those times.

Then Kevin West talked about looking ahead and threw out the statement that “Greatness is in your future.” He challenged us to strive for greatness and use it for God’s glory. To see the world the way God sees it and to respond the way God would respond to the world around us.

John Bunn spoke next about Looking inward. He talked about setting aside time to be with God, to take an inventory of where we are with God and finally to pray. John shared his heart for NewPointe to be untypical and to really impact and change our community.

I spoke last about Looking up. Looking up is about having an encounter with God. A moment when God comes down and meets with us. I shared my story of surrendering to God and praying the dangerous prayer of Yes, Lord use me, which led me on a two year journey to full time ministry. In Exodus Moses took the people out of camp to meet with God at Mt. Sinai. The spiritual truth I shared from that is this: Often times, life-altering encounters with God require us to leave the routine, the comfortable and the familiar. Only when we take those dangerous steps do we encounter God and transform our lives.

We ending by worshiping God through communion. We also kicked off our food drive for Go ’08. Our goal is to fill 1,500 boxes with 10-15 food items and deliver those boxes to four area food pantries. this is not a typical thing for a church to do, but I don’t want to be a typical church. My desire is for our church to so impact the communities around us that they can’t imagine life without NewPointe. That may sound arrogant, but I believe that the local church is the hope of the world and the church is God’s plan to change the world. To do that we need to GO out into the world and impact people up close.

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