A Winning Team

On Thursday night the Florida Gators defeated the Oklahoma Sooners in College football for the National Championship. I am a sports junkie and love to follow sports teams. Whether it is football, basketball or baseball, I enjoy follow sports stories. ESPN is my favorite channel on TV.

Many things in sports teach us things about life. The National Championship on Thursday night was a very good game, with these young men giving everything they had on the field. A lot of preparation went into that game. Weeks of practice, watching film and studying the game plan.

The head coach of Florida is Urban Myer. I was listening to an interview with him the day after the win. This is his second national championship in three years. The reporter asked him why he has been so successful over the past several years. Without hesitating the coach responded that he has become very good at hiring great people to surround himself. He talked about the trainers, the assistant coaches and the support staff. He said that it is the people around you that to a great degree determine your success. It was not about him, so much as the team he built around him.

I believe that is very true. You can see it in the business world, in schools, in government, in non-profit organizations and churches. The most successful organizations and people have great teams. Our President elect Barack Obama has been assembling his team over the last several months. His success or failure, will in large part be due to the people he surrounds himself with right now.

Sometimes this can be difficult, as we want to surround ourselves with people that like us and are like us. The danger in that, is they will tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. Sometimes you need to bring in people that are much different than your self. You need people with different skills and talents and personalities to complete your inner circle.

Don’t we tell our kids to be careful who they hang out with. It is the same for adults, be careful who you spend time with. The people you meet and spend time with will have a big impact on your life, so make those choices wisely. Whether you are hiring a team member, building a team of volunteers, recruiting board members, getting into a small group, joining a business group or just making friends, choose wisely.

Who do you have in your inner circle at work? In your personal and spiritual life? Do you even have an inner circle, or have you isolated yourself? If you want to win in life, you must surround yourself with the right people. People that will speak the truth in love to you. People that will be there when things get tough. People that will watch your back and encourage you to keep going and growing. People that will challenge you. People that will discipline you. People that will love you.

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