An Ordinary Day

You probably have heard the news about the US Airways plane that crash landed in the Hudson river. It happened on Thursday January 15th. As I heard the reports and listened to the story I was drawn in. It is rare to hear that all the passengers survive a plane crash. So many things had to happen just right for this to not be a tragedy. From what I have heard the pilot had a lot to do with this outcome. He had a lot of experience and was actually an instructor on safety and even had his glider license.

The pilot was doing his job, and very well I might add. All of the training and practice he had done prepared him for that moment. God had him in that plane, on that day for a reason.

I also had to think about all the people on board that plane. What do you suppose they were thinking about when the pilot told them to brace for a hard landing? At that moment they had to be thinking about their family, loved ones and many I am sure were praying.
Stories like these should make us pause and examine our lives. Things can change in an instant, we don’t know what tomorrow holds. A phone call could change your life forever. It also reminds us that we need to be prepared for when we are needed to make a difference. When we have the ability to make a difference in peoples lives, we need to take the initiative. What is God preparing you for? What are you doing today that will make a difference in the future.

You see I believe that today matters. The things we are doing today are setting the stage for things we don’t even know about. God has the bigger perspective. He knows what is going to happen and he usually uses people to make a difference. He places us in the right place so that we can make a difference. When you are faithful in the little every day things, it prepares you for the bigger things. It may be as simple as calling someone that comes to your mind to encourage them. That may be exactly what they needed that day.

The pilot and crew and all the rescue workers did a tremendous job. They did what they had prepared for. They worked together to make a difference. An ordinary day turned into an extraordinary day in a moment.

Are you prepared for your next God moment? Are you ready to step up when prompted to do something extraordinary?

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