Wild Week

This week was highly unusual for me. I crammed a bunch of hours in at work on Monday and Tuesday. Got a lot done in those two days, as I prepared to be off work for a while. Two great meetings on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I had Cervical Disk Replacement surgery on my neck.

The day started very early, I was the first surgery of the day. Lot’s of waiting and then it was go time. It almost felt like I was on the assembly line as they transported me to the prep area.

The worst part for me is always the IV. My veins seem to disappear.

After surgery I woke in the same spot I had been waiting and was soon back in my room. My recovery has gone well, and each day I am feeling better. All the old symptoms are gone. I am amazed at what doctors are able to do with the human body. God is amazing in His design for the human body.

I must say I had three great nurses up at Aultman Hospital. They were kind, patient and very helpful. It really made it much easier. We actually knew my third nurse, her husband was in a wedding I did last year. Thanks for your help Emily.

Listened to several Podcasts from Andy Stanley in my room. In one he said that he has a one sentence job description for each of his direct reports. I plan on writing my one sentence job description soon.

Well that’s all for today. I hope to share some insights from some of the new books I am reading soon.

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