I Do

I had the privilege of officiating a private wedding today for Ron & Melinda. It was just them and their four children. They each have two children. It was so neat to see the excitement on every ones face as we gathered together outside at NewPointe in the gazebo. It was a beautiful evening and they all looked great. I had the opportunity to mentor this couple as they prepared for marriage. They wanted to do it right and put some work in on the front end to make sure they where ready for this step. We met several times and worked through the FOCCUS inventory they did online. They also did some homework and talked a lot about their future life together.

It is so refreshing to see a couple that is willing to be open, honest and real. They both bring unique life experiences to this relationship and they understand that this is a life-long commitment and process. Bringing children to the marriage also creates some potential conflict, but this couple has worked very hard to include the children and to be a great example to them.

I shared three things with them tonight. The first is to watch your words, they can bring healing or hurt. Second, settle your disagreements. Don’t allow conflict to carry over day after day and not deal with it. Third, practice forgiveness. I know of no relationship that lasts, that doesn’t have to give and receive forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. We choose to forgive or hold a grudge. Forgiveness is key to any marriage. I told them as Christians, we are forgiven by Jesus Christ, and so that should help us to forgive those who hurt us.

More weddings are coming up this Spring and Summer. I love meeting the families and interacting with them on their special days. This is the fun part of being a pastor.

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