The Quest

This morning I went on a red raspberry quest with my wife. She was my guide on this quest, because she had gone many times before. She helped me pick out the right kind of clothes (long sleeved shirt and old sweats, rubber boots).

As we headed out on our quest, I wondered if I had what it takes to complete this quest. What would I learn on this expedition into the forest? Would we find lots of berries or get shut out? Could I fill my bucket?

The first stop was about 4 miles from our house. Here are some of the lessons I learned on the Raspberry Quest:

  1. Having the right gear saves you time and pain
  2. You need to focus on one berry at a time
  3. Sometimes you need to get down on your knees to find the low lying fruit
  4. The best berries are usually hiding behind a leaf
  5. Look for the path others made
  6. Sometimes you need to make your own path
  7. The best berries are in the thickest thorn patch
  8. If you look from a different angle you can find new berries
  9. Sometimes you need to step back to get a bigger picture, and know where to go next
  10. Enjoy the sights and sounds around you as you search for more berries

All that work will yield some good eats. I may have picked up a few nuggets of wisdom along this quest. Can’t wait for the next quest – Blackberries!

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One Reply to “The Quest”

  1. Mmm! Blackberries are delish!That is so very true about berry picking and life! Keep up the good blogging, I really enjoy reading them!:) ~Lauren

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