Special Teams

I love college football and Pro football. I am huge fan of Ohio State and the Cleveland Browns. As I write this I am watching Ohio State play Navy. One of the reasons I like football so much, is that it is a great team sport. It takes a lot of players to fill out the roster of a football team. Each player has a specific role to play. Some play on offense, they run the ball or they block or they catch the ball, or they throw the ball. The offense works together to try to move the ball and score. Some players are on defense, trying to stop the other team from moving the ball and scoring. They tackle, cover and rush they other team in an effort to stop them.

Then there is the special teams. These players try to give their team the best field position they can, so they can be successful. Punting, kicking, returning, tackling. I love special teams. In a way I am on the special teams where I work. Our team of mentors is trying to help people get into position to be successful in life. Sometimes it means listening to problems and offering encouragement and prayers. Sometimes it is to give some counsel and to challenge them to change behaviors. Sometimes its a visit when they are sick. Sometimes it is trying to encourage new behaviors that can help get them down the field. Always it is helping them take their next step spiritually.

The special teams may not get as much attention as the offense or defense, but it is vital to the success of the team. At the church were I work the Care ministry is the special teams, trying to help people in need make it through tough times. Our team tries to be there for the people that need someone to come alongside them for encouragement, support and prayer.

Go Team!

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