Thoughts on Iraq Trip

As many of you know, I was part of a team that went to Amman Jordan and then to Dohuk Iraq. I have been back a few days now and thought I would share some of my thoughts about the trip. The main purpose of this trip was to encourage the Christians in Iraq. We put on a conference for them in Dohuk for four days.

  1. I was surprised by all the progress in Iraq. Lots of construction and activity going on. We were in the Northern part of Iraq, which is a safer area. This area is definitely growing and thriving.
  2. There were a lot of young people. Young adults, teenagers and children were everywhere. I was surprised that most of them wore designer jeans and shirts. Kind of a European flare. I saw lots of children with suits and dresses on. Of course this was during one of their holidays after Ramadan.
  3. We heard that 80% of the Christians have left Iraq.
  4. The Christians in Baghdad and Mosul continue to be in danger. They must be very careful, because the terrorists are still very active in those cities. We met with 22 Christians from Baghdad and one family from Mosul.
  5. The Christians we met with really know the Bible well. It is obvious that they read it a lot and are hungry to learn more. They also are very passionate when they sing and worship.
  6. The people I met are very similar to us. They love their families and friends. They like to have fun, eat and fellowship. They face many of the issues that we do like finances, work, relationships, marriage struggles.
  7. The church in Dohuk is growing and they hope to build a new building soon. They have land, but need to develop it before they can build.
  8. There are some great possibilities for church plants in several cities near Dohuk. God is opening up doors in areas without Christian churches.
  9. The churches in Amman are changing. Most of the Iraq refugees have moved on, so now the growth is coming from Jordanians. We have two churches in Amman with young energetic pastors. We are looking at a third location in a newer part of the city.
  10. I am very encouraged after meeting the leaders in Amman and Iraq. These are strong, confident leaders that have a vision for their cities and country. These men and women are being strong and courageous for Jesus.
  11. We need to pray for the churches in Jordan and Iraq. Pray they have favor with the authorities. Pray that they are bold and courageous with their faith. Pray that families will be attracted to these churches. Pray that they can reach children and teenagers in creative ways. Pray for financial strength and integrity in the churches.

Everyone can play a part in helping in Jordan & Iraq. You can pray regularly for the churches there. You can give money to NewPointe’s missions budget to help fund the work. You can go on a mission trip and give your time. Pray, Give, Go.

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