The stuff I am doing

We all have stuff we are doing. Our jobs are filled with stuff. Our weekends are filled with stuff. We get busy with all kinds of stuff.

Here is some of my stuff:

Today I spent time on the phone counseling with two people. I spent another hour counseling someone in person. I also coached two baptism video testimonies (We have 14 people getting baptized this summer, June 24th and July 8th).

I wrote a couple of thank you notes and signed some follow up letters to people that wanted information or made commitments over the weekend.

I spent a good hour on emails, following up with people and sending new ones.

I read several blogs from people much more famous than me. It inspired me to write this blog, very exciting , I know. Check out and

I have another video testimony to coach at 5:00 p.m. and I am meeting with some people about our Divorce care recovery groups at 5:30 and I close out the day with another counseling session with a couple at 6:30.

That’s my stuff for today, but it is really more than stuff, its all about people. People matter to God, and I work for God, therefore people matter to me. I hope that I was able to encourage someone today. I hope that I was able to point someone closer to Christ. Every day we have an opportunity to impact this world. God brings people into our lives, puts us in situations that can be uncomfortable and if we are paying attention we can make an eternal difference.

Here are a couple of quotes to ponder:

“Every significant relationship in your life has your fingerprints all over it-the fingerprints of your character. And those impressions on another person’s life are true indications of what your character is really like.” Steve Farrar

“A life isn’t significant except for the impact on other lives.” Jackie Robinson

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