Vacation 101

I have not been posting much because I have been on vacation this past week. It was a week at home with my wife. We spent part of it doing day trips to area sites like the flea market in Hartville and the shops in Dresden. We even went to the Mt. Hope auction on Wednesday for produce. I love blueberries bannana’s and pineapple!

We went out with some friends on Thursday night to one of our favorite restaurants in Canton called the Sahara Grille. Blake Wood introduced us to that place a couple of years ago. The Lamb and seasoned rice are great!

We also spent two days working around the house. I finally got the mulching done and pulled a bunch of weeds. Vikki and I also like to go rock hunting. No this is not like snipe hunting, although that is fun as well.

We spotted some rocks that would work well around some of our flower beds by a large oak tree beside the road. I pass it ever day going to work. We stopped on Friday and asked the Amish family if we could take them. They said to check with the Amish farmer up the road. So off we went and asked the farmer if we could take his rocks. It turns out that I am related to this guys wife and his last name is also Stutzman. He took us back in his fields and showed us a bunch of rocks. His farm is covered with rocks. I guess that is why they call it stoney point.

We went and got my father-in-law’s pickup and started loading rocks. Three pickup loads later we were exhausted and very dirty. He was actually in the process of burrying a bunch of rock in one of his fileds. So they were exposed and easy to find. One week later and we would not have gotten nearly as many.

We also got to see his work horses up close. It was a great day, even though my back is a little sore.

We all need time off from work to recharge and reload. I have come to find out that taking vacation is critical for a few reasons. I used to not want to take vacation, because I thought I had to be at work to get things done. I think that was pride and I now realize that life and work goes on without me.

One reason to take vacation is I get to spend more time with my wife. Hanging out together and going out together is very important in our relationship. She is my best friend and I love spending time with her. Another reason is it gets my mind off of the work I focus on all the time and I can catch up on my reading. If all you do is think about work it will eventually consume you and begin to hurt your family relationships. Work is important, but family is more important. Another reason to take a vacation is to have other people cover for you at work and maybe they will appreciate you a little more, or maybe not.

Anyway, I am back to work on Monday and I am excited about diving back into some of the projects I am working on. God has answered some prayers and I can’t wait to get started.

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