This week in review

Sorry it has been awhile since my last posting. This has been a very busy week for me. Here are some highlights.

On Tuesday night we had about 20 people come and load the three trucks with all the food boxes from Go ’07. It only took us 50 minutes to load all the boxes. We actually had closer to 1,350 boxes. Thanks to all who helped.

On Wednesday morning we delivered the boxes. Jerry Weaver took a load to the Love Center in Millersburg. I took a load to the Salvation Army in Dover. Several people came to help unload there. Thanks, Steve Elloit, Sue Gerber, Gene, Patty, Dusty and Melissa Bolek. I also want to thank Mike Davis for allowing us to use his Harley Davidson box truck to make that delivery. It was nice to meet the folks from the Salvation Army.

The next delivery was to Newcomerstown and then to Uhrichsville. We had over 650 boxes on the MRV Siding truck. Thanks to Todd Kandel for letting us use his truck. I ended up driving the truck, a few close calls but I made it. Sue, Gene, Patty, Dusty & Melissa came along and helped unload at both places.

The Journey’s End in Newcomerstown has a very organized well run ministry. It has been great to get to know them down there. Janet Gore is the director and she called me later in the day to say they had gone through all 350 boxes and sorted everything. They are now well stocked. The folks at Uhrichsville’s Twin City Christian Center were also very helpful and are doing a good ministry to many families. It is encouraging to see ministries like these in action helping meet peoples needs in an organized fair way.

Thursday was a traveling day as I went to visit a guy near Akron and then on to the Cleveland area to pick up a friend. I got a chance to listen to four messages on prayer by Bill Hybels. Very good stuff.

Friday night was a rehearsal and dinner for the Wedding of Lucas Boylan & Jessica Gotchel in Malvern. Saturday morning was a counseling session with a couple and then on to the wedding.

The wedding was interesting, because it was in a Catholic church in Malvern. I worked with Father Vic Cinson. Lucas & Jessica come to NewPointe, but Father Vic is a relative and they wanted the service at the home church. I learned some new things about weddings, a few I may use and others I won’t. Father Vic was very gracious in allowing me to co-officiate. Danny was there to play music and overall things went well. Danny can sure play the trumpet, Wow!

I was getting a little nervous when Father Vic was not there with only a few minutes before the start of the service. He was doing most of the service. He showed up at the last minute and everything went fine. My part was to do a couple of readings and the nuptial blessing. Pretty simple. Congratulations to Lucas & Jessica!

After we got home I went on a 13 mile bike ride and then watched the Browns win their pre-season opener.

Today I am preaching at the Walnut Creek St. Johns United Church of Christ. This is the church that my wife Vikki and I went to after we got married. This will be the second time I have gone back to preach. I am talking about Prayer. Maybe I’ll blog on that later.

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