Amazing Stats

I just watched an eight minute video that gave some amazing statistics. It talks about how fast things are changing and how different today’s world is. As I watched the information it made me wonder how we as a church should use this information. How can we stay in touch and reach this ever changing rapidly developing world. The church should be out in front on this. The church should be the most exciting, changing, dynamic place on earth. We need to understand the changes that are happening in our world so that we can connect this world with the greatest news ever. All of these changes are a huge help to the church if we approach it correctly. Are we open to dramatic changes? Are we connecting with the younger generation or expecting them to get things like we did? Are we using technology to our advantage? Are we thinking about two three or ten years from now when technology has tripled? Are we willing to shift?

Watch the video and let’s have a discussion on this.

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