Life & Death

This has been an interesting week for me. I officiated at two funerals this week. One for a 54 year old man that had cancer and the other for a 68 year old woman that had several health problems. Both of them professed to be Christians and we were able to celebrate their lives and share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone that came.

Funerals always remind me how short life really is. We don’t know how old we are, you could be 30 years old and be an old man if you are going to die next year. You could also be 60 years old and be young if you are going to live another 30 years. My point is, we only have so much time on this earth.

The thing that I was reminded of the most was how important our relationships are with people. When I do a funeral, I am reminded to make sure I have all my relationships in order. Have I worked at building the relationships that are important to me? Am I spending time with the people that I love? Do I need to ask anyone to forgive me?

I also went to see two young men that were life flighted to Akron General Hospital this week. Both in separate accidents. Both of these young men (22 & 17 years old)look like they are going to make it through and recover. They were covered with lots of prayer. Sometimes things like this can be a wake up call for us to follow God’s plan for our lives and not do our own thing. It is so easy to get off track and get caught up in this world.

These young men have another chance to make a difference in this world. To grow in their relationship with Jesus and influence people in a positive way. These life and death situations are a reminder to make sure we have our priorities straight. What is really important in your life? Think about that and make sure you tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Don’t wait to reconcile relationships or tell your family you love them. You may not get the chance to later.

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