Are You As Good As A Geek?


The Geek Squad is a team of people or geeks that have a high tech IQ.  They work for Best Buy and can fix nearly any electronic device.  I have not had the pleasure of working with one of the geeks, but I have heard good things.  They wear uniforms and drive VW Bugs to the clients homes or businesses.  I came across their Geek Squad Promises and just had to share it.

  • I will never violate the trust of my clients or disrespect their property.
  • I will never say, ‘I don’t know’. Instead, say ‘I’ll find out’.
  • I will always understand that my clients’ time is more valuable than my own.
  • I will assume every problem is my fault, unless proven otherwise.
  • I will consider my job done only when my client is completely overwhelmed with joy.  And instead of assuming they are happy, I’ll ask them.
  • I will keep every promise I make, including this one.

Those are some incredible promises and if followed lead to great customer service and lasting good impressions.  No matter where you work, this kind of a mindset will make you a more valuable team player.  You can even apply this one to your marriage.  So go out and be a Geek!

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