Seeing Clearly

We are alive and well in Jordan. Made it in yesterday and went straight to a church to preach. I talked about Seeing yourself the way God sees you and not those around you. When David was annointed King, no one, not even his family believed he had King potential. But God told Samuel to annoint David King anyway. God looks at our hearts, not our outward appearance. He sees what is in us and what we could be, if we follow His plan. David went on to do great things for God, because he caught the vision God had for his life. He made mistakes along the way, but his heart was right.

I Got no sleep on the 11.5 hour flight over here, so I was exhausted last night. I Got a good night sleep last night until the 4:40 am Mosque loud speakers started blaring.

We are 7 hours ahead here, so I am getting ready to eat breakfast. We will spend the day in Ammon, and then leave for Northern Iraq tonight. Blessings

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