Big Saturday

This Saturday marks the second month of Angel Food Ministries. Once again we will distribute frozen and non-perishable food to hundreds of people. The neat thing is anyone can participate. There is no minimum income levels, so anyone that wants to save some money can join in. I don’t know about you, but I like saving money.

For Vikki and I it has caused us to cook more meals at home, which means more leftovers for lunch and other meals. We all spend money on food every month, Angel Food allows you to save money, plan your meals and help the church. You help the church by ordering, because $1.00 from every order goes into our Helps Fund.

On Saturday night is Group Link. This is an environment for people wanting to check out or get into small groups here at NewPointe. We have around 100 people registered. After this weekend we should have close to 100 active small groups at NewPointe. That represents around 1,000 people in community.

Vikki and I are excited about starting our new group and adding a few new couples. Our small group has been a lot of fun over the last couple of years. We have developed friendships and grown relationally and spiritually.

I believe we are designed to be in community. When we are isolated just in our immediate family we don’t function like God designed us. We find it harder to trust people, to serve people and to love. You see, on our own we become an easy target for the enemy. We are isolated and can easily fall into sin, loneliness, depression and hopelessness. But if we are connected in a community where we build relationships, learn about the Bible, pray together, care for each other, have fun together and serve together, then we are stronger. It does not mean we won’t struggle or fall into temptation or hopelessness, but it means we don’t have to face that alone. We have friends that can pray for us, listen to us, help us and just be with us if needed.

If you are not in a small group, I encourage you to start to pray that God will provide a way for you to experience community. Pray that God will open an opportunity and then for courage to go ahead and jump in.

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