The Yard

Well today is officially my first day of spring. Every year I wait as long as I can to mow my yard. My neighbor Keith and I have an unspoken competition to see who can hold out the longest. Several other neighbors have mowed twice already. Today I caved and mowed the yard, Keith wins this year. Each year when the grass begins to grow and the flowers and weeds begin to pop I am reminded of how amazing God is. His creation is truly amazing. All the little details that make this earth so beautiful.
My day off is Wednesday, it is my Sabbath. It is a special day each week for me because I usually spend most of the day with my wife Vikki. After eating breakfast and having coffee we will usually go shopping for groceries and other stuff we need. We will also eat lunch together (Our favorite place is Lams in New Phila). There is often a nap during the day and working around the house. I look forward to Wednesday’s as well because I do a lot of reading. I am currently in the book of Matthew in my NIV study Bible. I am reading all the study notes, so it is taking me a while to read through the New Testament.
I also was reading “Three Weeks with my brother” by Nicholas Sparks. He is sharing his story of a trip around the world with his older brother. He shares memories of their childhood along the way as well in between the different placesthey are visiting. Some of the stories remind me of the adventures I had with my older brother Brian. One part of the book he talked about the two of them having BB guns and deciding it would be fun to shoot each other. The rules were no shooting at the head and only pumping it twice. This reminded me of how Brian and I would shoot our BB guns. We would stand in a pile of sawdust or dirt and shoot at each others feet, just to kick up the dirt like we saw on TV. One time Brian hit my foot and I went screaming to mom. Anyway we had lots of great adventures growing up beside my Grandpas’ farm in Walnut Creek. We would often go exploring along the creek that ran through the farm land and in the big barn and old buildings on the property. We would hunt for arrow heads and buried treasure, we trapped muskrats and raccoon, we shot birds and went swimming in the creek(Clothing optional). I remember one time we made a mud slide down a bank into the creek. We were completely covered in mud and loving it. We had to get hosed off before we got close to the house. We had a lot of great times during those years in Walnut Creek. We also helped with the farming every summer. I remember making hay, it was always hot and dusty and I usually ended up up in the barn stacking the bails. This was a tough job because the bails would come so fast off the elevator I couldn’t keep up so they would fall every which way. I did my best to get them stacked but usually ended up just pushing them around. I am reminded that I am very fortunate to have the childhood that I did. Growing up in the country and spending time with my two brothers Brian and Brad. Well enough reminiscing, I am off to watch the Cavs and Indians. The Cavs are in the playoffs anf the Indians are looking pretty good this year and yes the NFL football draft is this weekend. GO BROWNS! I predict they pick either Brady Quinn or Joe Thomas.

Home again

We made it home Sunday morning at a little after 8:00 a.m. I was exhausted so I went straight home (I slept 6 hours this afternoon). This has been an interesting week. I developed a closer friendship with the team of people that went with me and I served some people that needed help with improvements to their home. God gets all the credit. He created each one of us and gave us the gifts and abilities we have. God had each person on this team there for a reason. For me I got to hear the stories of the other team members and interact with them in a way I could never do at home. The community and friendships that happen on trips like this is always worth it. I also was reminded that I am here to serve.
I was talking with one of the people on the team and found out she had anxiety a few days before this trip. She did not know anyone and wasn’t sure why she was going, but I think this was exactly what she needed. To meet new people and go serve, that is great medicine. I think all of us grew spiritually on this trip. No, we did not have devotions and Bible studies together every day, but we did worship God through our service to the people down there and to each other.
Often times when you take a risk and take that first step of faith the rewards are unbelievable. Most of us like to stay in our comfortable little boats and not take any chances. We have a fear we will drown, fail, be rejected, look dumb, or get hurt. That is not how Jesus did it. He rocked the boat, He walked on water, He had compassion on the people, He washed feet, He healed the sick, He touched to dirty, He cared for the needy, He hung out with sinners. I want to be more like that, more uncomfortable, more in over my head. Each one of us can make a difference every day. It doesn’t have to be a mission trip, there are many opportunities every day in our every day lives to make a difference. The little things you notice and help with, the smile and hand shake, the words of encouragement, the way you treat your spouse, your children, your co-workers, your neighbors. Every day is an act of worship. Are you worshipping God in your actions or yourself? I struggle some days with the worship of myself, caring more about me than God or others. We all have that tendency, but tomorrow is a new day, a new week and all of us can make a difference. Be intentional in your acts of service, plan to go on a mission trip of some sorts, serve in your local church, serve with a local community organization, get involved in a small group, love your neighbor as yourself.

Day Five

Well, we put in another long day at Ms. Carol’s. We continued painting, finish carpentry trim, drywall and shower sheets on the bathroom wall around the tub. John Troyer mowed her yard and spent a good bit of time talking with Carol. Yesterday he also dug out some huge bushes behind the house for her. John is our social/public relations officer. He could talk to a tree and have a great conversation. John is great at listening to the peoples stories. He also did a lot of painting today. Terry & Terri are our paint warriors, they are amazing. Chelsea and Cathy also did a fabulous job painting, all day long. Roger and Randy did the finish carpentry work and a little painting and Todd did the drywall in the bathroom and a whole lot more. Nick did a little bit of everything, he is a great kid. I spent a good part of the day painting & putting tile on the bathroom floor. Todd measured and I cut the pieces. Later Nick and I did the grout. It had been over 18 years since I did tile work. It took me a while to figure out the tile saw. I only broke about four or five pieces out of 35. We still have some work to do in the bathroom and we need to finish painting the porch floor.
It is supposed to rain on Saturday, so we are unsure how much we can do outside. My feet are really sore, because I do not have good supports in my work boots. My sprained ankle from two and half weeks ago is still bothering me as well. It stinks to get older. Terri Hupp has been icing her shoulder as well. We are tired and sore but we are so blessed. It is such a great feeling to know we are making a difference in someones life. Carol has been so grateful and the entire neighborhood has noticed. Many people are calling Carol or stopping in to ask how she got all these people to come out and work on her house. I think it gives them hope and encouragement to see some progress. This little town of Ocean Springs has changed since the hurricane. It has become a little more commercialized with many new restaurants and small shops. It reminds me a little bit of Berlin. Few people living on the main drag. Of course many more people live in this town.
We walked about 2 miles down to the beach tonight. It is beautiful. We could see across the bay to Biloxi and could see the bridge they are working on to connect these two towns. So far this has been a wonderful trip and I want to encourage others to consider going on a work trip this year. If anyone is interested please call me or comment.

Today we worked on Ms. Carol McNair’s house. She has the black shirt on and her sister has the red shirt on. She has lived in this house for 57 years. She is 65 years old. We worked on her bathroom, front porch, installed a new front door, painted her house, painted all the window trim. We will spend Friday there as well, finishing the drywall in the bathroom, Tiling the floor and finishing the paint on the outside. She was so grateful, she gave all of us hugs. We also got a chance to drive to Biloxi and do a little site seeing. There is still a lot of damage but a tremdous amount of work has been done. We finished the day at Sonic for ice cream.

Camp Victor

This is camp Victor where we are staying. We heard that this camp is planning on being active for another two years. They are doing a fabulous job of helping the people in the area with food, home improvements and encouragement. God has provided everything they need to meet the needs of the people. We heard many stories of how God brought just the right people and supplies at the right time in amazing ways. I hope we can send more teams down here. They feed all the volunteers three meals a day and coordinate all the work for the many volunteers. All volunteer hours are recorded and the county gets credit for those hours from FEMA. They are averaging around 24,000 hours per month which translates into about a 400,000 credit of the counties bill.

This is John Sizemore the home owner we helped today.

Me Working

This is me the Chadillac doing manual labor. I was a little surprised when this was snapped.